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Nordic Health Care withdraws from the international insurance market as of 1st of August 2013. The product NHC Swiss Private is therefore no longer available. Please find our new offer here.


Nordic Health Care Swiss - the global health insurance for long-term residents abroad.



  • Individual long-term health insurance
  • Guaranteed policy renewal for life
  • Max. application age 69 years
  • Insurance period min. 1 year

Insurance cover

  • Global coverage
  • Free choice of physicians/hospitals world wide
  • Optional deductibles
  • Evacuation in case of treatment failure
  • No daily limit for in-patient treatment
  • Full coverage of non pre-existing chronic conditions
  • Flexible medical cover options
  • Wide range of supplementary covers

Service network

  • 24-hrs alarm centre
  • 24-hrs emergency doctors counselling
  • World wide support from Swiss service office
  • Worldwide claims assistance

Worldwide security

NHC covers you globally 24 hours a day and is your security against unforeseen bills from doctors and hospitals. Information on recommended hospitals can also be offered by e-mail or phone.

Strong safety net

Due to our 24 hour Swiss AlarmCentre and strategic partnerships located throughout the world we are always able to help and provide the necessary assistance. The AlarmCentre and service partners  are staffed with highly qualified doctors and consultants representing several medical areas and more than 30 languages.

Fast and efficient assistance

In cases of serious illness or injury our AlarmCentre and doctors are with you all the way. If you are admitted to a hospital our AlarmCentre will check up on the standard of the hospital via our comprehensive global database as soon as they are notified and arrange a patient transfer to the closest suitable place in cases where local facilities are deemed to be inadequate. During your hospitalisation our doctors will be in close contact with the treating doctors, and our AlarmCentre will keep you or your relatives updated on any progress in the treatment and your condition.

Free Choice of Hospitals

NHC gives a free choice of public as well as private hospitals, clinics and doctors. Therefore you can expect the best and fastest treatment available no matter where you are.

Tailor made policies

A choice of 4 medical covers and 10 additional covers enables you to create the insurance cover to meet your specific requirements and expectations.
When the insurance is taken out, you will receive a policy and additional information on covers, sums insured and other important conditions.

For a non-binding offer or if you have any further question, do not hesitate to contact us.

Nordic Health Care Swiss

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